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North Coast Phonography Episode 5

North Coast Phonography Episode 5

March 30, 2011

Good Evening!

First I have to apoligize for the lack of updates since December. I've been keeping myself way too busy, which is good and bad I guess. Anyways, I've been experimenting with how I want to present this podcast as well as how I want to present my recordings, as well as yours. I'm going to stick to my original concept for this show, which is taking multiple media players(windows media player, winamp, etc.) and loading them with a playlist of my recordings. I have multiple media players running at the same time, so the recordings are layered creating unique soundscapes. This is how I originally planned the podcast to be, but I kinda strayed from that.

So with that being said if you are interested in submitting something for the show, I'm only looking for raw field recordings. I'm not looking for something that has been composed, or heavily edited. I'm just trying to build up a huge database of recordings made all over the world, that I can juxtapose, and record the results. I think it will be interesting to hear different environments all over the world being played back at the same time.

Please email me at with submissions, questions, comments, etc.

Thanks again, and enjoy this weeks episode!

North Coast Phonography Podcast Episode 4

North Coast Phonography Podcast Episode 4

December 13, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past month.  My time has been pretty occupied with the past holiday, family, work, and winter storms.  I am looking to do a couple things with the podcast.  First, I need to upgrade my hosting with podbean so I can upload bigger files.  Some of you that have submitted material, I totally plan on including in future podcasts but I have a 30mb maximum file upload and I don't want to compress your audio anymore than it already is, so be patient I will upgrade probably after the holidays.

I will also be posting future episodes on I have episode number 1 uploaded there already.  I like that site, I always thought a flickr type website for music would be perfect.

Now on to this episode.  This was just me cross-fading layers of Field Recordings.  I did all the cross-fading manually this time.  I think I'm going to get a midi controller that has knobs and faders on it, so I can do the cross-fading by hand and not with a mouse.

Please feel free to submit your material for future episodes.  I might not get another episode uploaded this year(2010) so Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours.


Brad S.

North Coast Phonography Podcast Episode 3

North Coast Phonography Podcast Episode 3

November 14, 2010

North Coast Phonography Episode 3 features a work submitted by Steve Barsotti.  Steve is a Sound Artist, Educator, and a  founding member of the Seattle Phonographers Union. 

"Terraces" is the piece that Steve submitted for this weeks podcast.  This track is on his latest album Along These Lines available on his website.

For more info on Steve and his various projects check out

North Coast Phonography Podcast Episode 2

North Coast Phonography Podcast Episode 2

November 7, 2010

North Coast Phonography Episode 2




  1. Kent State University May 4, 1970 part 1

  2. On an train from Fiumicio Airport to Roma- Emanuele Costantini

  3. December Four-Brad Simpson

  4. Kent State University May 4, 1970 part 2



Episode 2 features two recordings of the infamous Kent State Shootings from 1970. These were recordings made by a student named Terry Strubbe. He put a microphone in the window of his dorm room and was able to capture the events from this horrific day. These recordings were featured on not to long ago. For those not familiar with the Kent State shootings check out



Emanuele Costantini submitted “On an train from Fiumicio Airport to Roma” Check out his website here:


“December Four” is a track that I kinda improvised on. It was made with nothing but field recordings, except for the 808 bass drops. 


Thanks to everyone that has contacted me, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any submissions, comments, etc. Please email me at


Thanks and don't forget to listen with headphones!

North Coast Phonography Podcast Episode 1

North Coast Phonography Podcast Episode 1

October 28, 2010


Welcome to North Coast Phonography!

This is a Podcast featuring various various forms of Experimental Music, Field Recordings, Phonography, and Improvisation.  Each episode will be unique from the previous episode.

Quick background on myself and this podcast. I've been interested in Field Recordings for over ten years now. I've had two volumes of my “Mix-Scapes” series released. These were field recordings compiled in a mix-tape style format. This podcast was inspired by The Phonographers Union “Live on Sonarchy Radio” and a local radio show that is now defunt called Press The Button.

Episode 1 features layers of Field Recordings being hooked into a randomized cross-fader.  Think of 4 turntables hooked into one side of a mixer with a cross-fader, and 4 turntables hooked up into the other side of the mixer with the cross-fader randomly fading back and forth.

With each show being unique, i'm looking for submissions for future episodes.  I'm looking for Field Recordings (Processed or Unprocessed) and any type of Experimental Music.  Please send submissions to Please let me know what you think of the podcast, and suggestions, comments, and feedback would be much appreciated. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, for updates!

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